Kintetsu Memorial

Kintetsu Series 10100 New Vista Car (Modified) A Consist + B Consist 6-Car-Set/Kintetsu Series 10100 New Vista Car (Modified) C Consist 3-Car-Set/Kintetsu Series 10100 New Vista Car Triple Header 9-Car-Set (Especially Planned)
Kintetsu Series 10100 "New Vista Cars" are a renowned train which debuted in 1959 as an express electric train and made the leading position of Kintetsu Express train operated between Nagoya and Osaka unwaverinng.
The train consists of 3 articulated cars including then epoch-making double decker middle car. According to the different tops, there used to be 3 train consists.
Ahead of the retirement of 1979, a memorial run was made by triple heading of A+C+B train consist. The triple heading run was conducted also in July to August, 1980 with "Farewell run" headmark.

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