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The E257 series 2000 series and 2500 series replaced the aging 185 series, and the 2000 series started operation in March 2020, and the 2500 series started operation as a "dancer" in March 2021. The 2000 series is based on the 0 series that was previously active as "Azusa" and "Kaiji", and the 2500 series is based on the 500 series that was active in "Wakashio" and "Sazanami". The image has been renewed by changing the lighting to LED and changing to azure color design in white to match the E261 series. The 2000s connect Tokyo and Izu, the 2500s connect Tokyo and Shuzenji, and the 2000s and 2500s are operated together between Tokyo and Atami.
・ NA-08 formation (2000 series) and NC-31 formation (2500 series) of vehicles belonging to Omiya General Rolling Stock Center Higashi Omiya Center are prototypes
-Reproduce the appearance of underfloor equipment with updated equipment, LED lights, snowplow at the front, and some windows filled with the installation of luggage space. Also, make different fronts for 2000s and 2500s.
-Beautifully reproduces the characteristic white and azure body paint that matches the E261 series
-Faithfully reproduce the shape of the side glass with few steps from the car body
-The replaceable front head mark has a "dancer" attached. In addition, head marks such as "Limited Express Shonan" are recorded.
-A body mount close-coupled coupler (without hook) is used for the intermediate connection. 2000 series 9th car, 2500 series 10th car and 14th car with Denren (1st stage) for the beginning
-Stable running is possible by adopting a well-established power unit. 2000 series with traction tires, 2500 series without traction tires in consideration of combined operation
・ Head / tail light, front head mark lit (9-car set Kuha E257-2110 and 5-car set Kuha E256-2506 have a light-off switch)
・ Destination display sticker included
・ DCC friendly

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